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about girl pop mania

Welcome to Girl Pop Mania! This is a new joint blog created by 58468_0 (hi that's me typing this up <3) to update with news or musings on new releases from my favorite artists: some of which you may know, some of which you may not. I invited sequindreams to post about her favorite artists too, and our goal is to help promote these awesome groups. The way we see it, if we love them, you will too. In addition to release news we provide the occasional download. Want to see when we update and get access to the downloads? All you have to do is JOIN.

While the title of this is "Girl Pop Mania", we are NOT going to just talk about pop! Amanda just couldn't come up with a title for the blog but thought it sounded cute. We're going to be focusing on girl bands, girl soloists, girl groups, and bands fronted by girls. Please understand it's not just pop, and we both acknowledge this.

The illustrator we use for images in the layout and design is Sugizaki Megumi. She's brilliant, so go check her out.

the bloggers
Name: Amanda
Nickname: Wapiko
DOB: 1987/10/11
Livejournal: 58468_0
Personal site: The Harmony Bunny Network
Favorite artists: capsule, Perfume, RIZE, STEREO PONY, Zwei and TONS more

Ramblings: Hihi~ My name is Amanda but I mostly go by Wapiko or Piko on the intarweb. I'm silly and basically still act like a seven-year-old, but that's okay because life wouldn't be fun otherwise. \:D/ I'm a sysop at The Asian Wiki as "Wapiko". (I'm not the "Wapiko" at Jpopsuki - I'm "Amanda" there. Silly person took advantage of me not using my web name there. xD) I also run shekimusic. I'm going to focus on updating with news on ska-pop-punk bands but I will likely talk about other genres as well.

Name: Tori
Nickname: Tori
DOB: 1982/10/26
Livejournal: sequindreams
Favorite artists: Goto Maki, everyone on Avex, Tomoko Kawase, AKB48, disbanded J-pop girl groups like HINOI Team (;o;)

Ramblings: Hey there ~ My name is Tori and I've been obsessed with J-pop since 1999, thanks to a little artist named Amuro Namie. From there on, it's grown into the monster it is now. I also adore fashion, nail art, dancing, and blogging. I'll be focusing more on the pop side of things here.

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