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Tsuji Shion, November debut

Just found out about her the other day, but Tsuji Shion, a new artist on Sony Music Japan, made her debut November 11th with the single "Candy kicks." Her PV (found below) is what intrigued me - despite the song not being the, the PV's pretty cute and has the same whimsy you can find in speena or misono PVs (at least "VS"), or even Otsuka Ai (all of whom are ironically with avex). It didn't really hit me until the second time I watched that she seems similar to YUI; her voice has a thicker quality to it but the music style resembles YUI and her voice at times. Additionally, that above photo really, really reminded me of hitomi....

Still, it'll be interesting to see if she becomes anything big. I think she's got what it takes. Plus, she's wearing what appears to be a spork around her neck in the PV.

Komatsu Ayaka - Welcome to my world

Stereo Pony debut single November 5th

Stereo Pony, a new girl band from Okinawa with Sony Music Japan will be releasing their debut single "Hitohira no Hanabira" (Flower Petals) November 5th. It's being used as the 17th ending theme for the anime "BLEACH."

I don't know much about these girls, but woooow~! All it took was going to their official website and having the chorus of the song thrown out at me in the flash to get me hooked. The chorus is incredibly catchy, and I love lead vocalist AIMI's voice. Additionally, it's girls rocking out...what more can you ask for in this genre?

I've been poking around to find some indies history, but it's been in vain *sigh* All I've been able to find is that they were supposed to have released their debut single back in September called "Sayonara no Kisetsu" (The Season of Goodbyes) but can't find anything on that aside from a tracklist similar to "Hitohira no Hanabira," so I wonder if that was the original title for the release. Hmm~ The other things I found were youtube videos of them performing at an Okinawan festival. They sound pretty good live.

For now, check out the PV for "Hitohira no Hanabira" and get hooked like I did.

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Elder Club to graduate Hello! Project

An announcement was made on October 19th that members of the so-called "Elder Club," part of Hello! Project, will be graduating on March 31st, 2009. While it may not sound like much just from that unit name, this is really a big blow to H!P, as ALL of the original members (of MoMusu, Melon Kinenbi, etc) will no longer be a part of H!P. Those in the H!P fandom always speculated that the 1990s-born generation would kick the oldies out of H!P, but I gotta say I didn't think it would happen this much at once. As a former die-hard fan of Hello! Project, I'm somewhat happy I jumped ship earlier, or I might be taking this pretty hard. (that's what she said)

Who knows what's actually going to happen to all these girls? The majority of them were being severely neglected in H!P anyway, so I look forward to what might happen with my favorites - I'm crossing my fingers that Ayaya goes to Sony! <3

A full alphabetiized list of affected idols is under the cut.
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Here is a translation done by my wonderful hana_pink (^o^)


I hope you are all doing well.
Now, Hello! Project has passed its 10th year, after being formed in February of 1998, and it's currently broken up into Wonderful Hearts and Elder Club, making a total of 68 names in Hello! Project.
Today, we've decided that the members of Hello! Project Elder Club (listed below) will graduate as of March 31st, 2009.
They'll be moving on to various activities after their graduations.
Please support us after this.

Also, the final concert for the above members will be the "Hello! Project 2009 Winter Kettei! Haro*Pro Awards '09 ~Elder Club Sotsugyou Kinen Special~" concert, being held on January 31st and February 1st of 2009.


October 19, 2008
Up Front Agency
Representative Director Mochida Youji

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Leah Dizon's been cooking

Leah Dizon announces marriage, pregnancy

Someone made a small blurb about this on my f-list and I almost didn't believe it at first, but it turns out that at the very end of her latest tour, "import" gravure idol and singer Leah Dizon announced that not only was she now married, she's also expecting a child. According to Sponichi, her husband is a Japanese stylist in his 20s that she met about a year ago during a jacket shoot. Good for her, that's one way to get out of the biz.

I'd like to translate this article later today (after I stop procrastinating my homework due in two and a half hours), so please wait for it. <3

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New Karen Girl's single out 11/24

Not sure if there's any interest here, but aspiring idol group Karen Girl's will be releasing their second single, "MY WINGS," on November 24th. I don't know if there are any tie-ups for it yet, but their first single, "Over the Future," was used as the theme for "Zettai Karen Children." Anyway, it'll be released in both limited and regular editions.

They're considered the "younger sisters of Perfume"...which is cute, but doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Sure, they're on Amuse and part of the Actors School, and there's three of them, and they're all pretty damn young, but the similarities end there. I think they're a pretty adorable group either way though <3 Have a look at their first video below. It might not seem like much at first but before I knew it, I had it in my head. =/

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New Tsuchiya Anna album

Was just checking Amazon while updating my iPod and found this awesome bit of information. Tsuchiya Anna will be releasing her second full-length album (that wasn't released for NANA...), entitled "NUDY SHOW," on October 29th in both CD+DVD and CD Only format. It will include her 4th-9th singles and feature some well-known producers who have worked with Britney Spears (gimme gimme shoes), NSYNC, and Fergie (fugh). Looks like Nine Inch Nail's Josh Freese and Limp Bizkit's Wes Borland will also be participating in the album, which rocks out. I'll keep you all posted as I know more.

Can't go wrong with a title like that.


avex's 'The Rival' Project Is Back!

Anyone remember 'The Rival' featuring Miyawaki Shion and Kojo Seara from last year?

Well, the girls are back!

Both girls, who debuted simultaneously on the avex trax label with similarly-styled pop songs, are set to perform at the label's huge summer music venue in August.

Judging from the girls' new official websites, both of them have taken different images~ Seara is now a rocker chick and Shion stayed with a more traditional cutesy-pop image. Shion also seems to be the more popular of the two, since she is releasing her debut mini-album titled Dear on 8.6.08.

Source: a-nation 2008