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Nishino Nana debuts today

New pop/rock artist Nishino Nana releases her first single today in Japan, titled "Open your eyes." It contains the b-sides "Let it go" and "Nobody's Perfect. She is part of the dance unit SQUALL NOIZE (see group photo here), so I wonder if she'll be continuing her work with them. (If anyone's curious, here's a video of her dancing on TV - she's kind of awesome. There are a bunch more videos of her on Youtube if you'd like to see more! I think I've found my distraction for the night. Watch them in HQ when possible!) I found her because I almost misread her name (in romaji) for musician Nishino Kana's, but I can't say if there's any relation between the two. (If there is, Nana's the older one.)

Anyway, I like her song "Let it go," which is a pop/rock tune. Unfortunately, you can't quite dance to pop/rock music, and I think someone needs to tell Nana this. Makes it a bit awkward to watch but the song is good.

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