Amanda (58468_0) wrote in girlpop_mania,

Ketchup mania to disband

This came as a bit of a shock to me. It appears pop/punk band Ketchup mania is disbanding and will be holding their final live concert on May 10th. The reason is that they want to focus on their own individual talents and works, but it also somewhat sounds like they've been having...shall we say, creative differences.

I haven't been into them since their Universal sign-on, but this is still sad. This sort of music is what I based this blog on initially, with hopes that I'd be posting news from indie ska/punk artists. (Instead, my focus has shifted to others =/ ) HIRO's cute vocals will be missed, and I hope each band member makes some sort of comeback but I know it won't be likely.

Tags: ketchup mania
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